As a Biblical research, fellowship, and teaching ministry, The Way International is dedicated to setting before people the astonishing accuracy and practicality of God’s Word. One of the ways we do that is by offering Biblical classes that teach students how to understand God’s Word, helping them to bring the great realities of God into powerful manifestation in their lives.

At the close of each of the classes, students from around the world lovingly express their appreciation for the truths they have learned by sending in thank-you cards. These cards are often handcrafted and always reflect the love of God these believers have in their hearts.

To share their gratitude for these delightful cards, the Board of Directors wanted to post a sampling of them so that others could also enjoy the front of these cards with the beautiful art and heart from the followers of The Way.


Hearts Open Like Sunflowers

Two Are Better than One

The Truth Shall Make You Free

God’s Way Is Perfect


Home Is Where the Word Lives

Together Each Achieves More

Words of Wisdom

The Path of Life

Overcoming the World

Praise and Thanksgiving

Loving and Serving the Lord

Righteousness and Peace

Workmen of the Word

The Bread of Life

I Am the Way

Spring Flowers

Illustrating the Church Epistles

Psalms 1:3

Bloom and Grow

Be Transformed

Delight in God’s Word

Believe and Receive

Stitched with Love

Quiet Seas

The Light of the Word

Let the Word Speak

Climbing High

Keys to the Word’s Interpretation

From House to House

Jesus Christ and Christ Within

Traditional African Art

Birds of the Air / Beasts of the Field

Believing Men and Women

A Safe Anchorage

Transformed by the Renewed Mind

Search the Scriptures


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